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Zoomcamp Åland organizes trips to and from Åland focusing on availability.

We can organize your whole trip. From transportation to acommodation and activities based on Your wishes.

You can travel  to Åland from Helsinki, Turku or Stockholm by ferry with Viking Line or Tallink Silja. You can also travel from Kapellskär by ferry with Viking Line or by ferry from Grissleham with Eckerölinjen.


Viking Line

When travelling with Viking Line on m/s Rosella to Kapellskär, moving to and from the cardeck with a wheelchair is easy because of the temporary ramp. Travelling on m/s Grace is also easy when arriving to or departing from the terminal in Mariehamn. If arriving to, or departing from Långnäs terminal, it is recommended that you book assistance and that you embark and disembark via the gangway. On m/s Grace there are handicap cabins for 3-4 persons.

Tallink Silja

The company  offers assistance when embarking and disembarking via the gangway and they can not gurantee availability for wheelchairs via the cardeck. On board there are handicap cabins for 2 persons.


The temporary ramp makes moving to and from the cardeck with a wheelchair easy. There are no handicap cabins on board but the journey takes less than 2 hours so a cabin might not be necessary. The common areas and lifts on board are suitable for wheelchairs and rollators.

We cooperate with the following companies:

Degersand Resort

Degersand Resort in Eckerö has the biggest beach on Åland. The beautiful sandy beach by the sea makes the resort very popular. The zoomis makes it easy for wheelchair users to enjoy the beach. The resort’s cabins are not built for wheelchairs but the movable ramps makes it easy to get in and out of the cabins and to move around in the cabins.


HavsVidden Resort is located on the farthest north side of the island, right by the sea. One of the resort’s suites is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately the ramp to the building is not built with the correct angle so assistance is needed. The pool house is not accessible for wheelchairs but with assistance it is possible to get to the outside of the house. The main building including the restaurant, is easily accessible.

Käringsund resort & conference

Käringsund resort & conference is a good choice for the whole family. They have wheelchair accessible cabins and they offer a variety of activities that can be customized according to Your wishes. They can also arrange fishing for wheelchair users.

Sandösunds camping & resort

Sandösund camping and resort in Vårdö has eight wheelchair accessible cabins. There is also the possibility to get out on water thanks to the custom made lift that helps you to get from the wheelchair straight in to a fishing boat or kayak. The surrounding scenery and historic places, makes Sandösund the perfect destination.

Godby vandrarhem

Godby vandrarhem is a hostel-type living close to the centre of the town Godby, in the middle of Åland. Affordable living with Nordic standard for hostels. Most of the serivce at the hostel is shared with other guests in the common areas. The rooms which are situated in an old school, are wheelchair accesible but any larger customizations have not been made.

Bastö Hotel

Bastö Hotel in Finström is a Company that runs a hotel, restaurant and rent out cabins in the middle of Åland, surrounded by beautiful scenery. There is a ramp to the entrance of the hotel and all the doors are adjusted for Wheel chairs. Unfortunately the ramp to the building is not built with the correct angle so assistance is needed. The hallways are wide enough for wheelchairs and the rooms are easy to get in and out of. The rooms are spacious, minumum 20 m2. The toilet seats are a bit low.
The cabins are not wheelchair accesible.
The restaurant is spacious with plenty of room between the tables. The restaurant end hotel are in different building, about 60 metres apart.

Park Alandia Hotell

Park Alandia Hotell is situated in the centre of Mariehamn. The handicap room is spacious and has a nearby room for a personal assistant. Unfortunately the ramp to the building is not built with the correct angle so assistance is needed.

Hotell Cikada

Hotell Cikada is beautifully situated at the west harbour of Mariehamn. The rooms are not built to be wheelchair accesible but they are spacious and on the ground floor so they are easily accessibe, especially for guests that are able to stand and walk a few steps.

We recommend that you travel by car but we also cooperate with the following companies:

Williams Buss

Williams Buss is a bus Company with an Amazing bus, equipped with a wheelchair lift and an Audio Frequency Induction Loop System. The bus also has integrated child seats. You can stay in the wheelchair during the voyage. There is room for five wheelchairs and 35 seats.

Viking Line Buss

One of the buses has a wheelchair lift and room for one wheelchair that you can stay seated in during the voyage. Three of the buses are low so you can easily get on board with a wheelchair or baby stroller. If you wish to travel by bus you can call in advance.

Our other partners:

Larssons vattensport

Larssons vattensport is a water sports Company and they offer Amazing boat trips with their party boat Chillers Paradise, water sports, pentahtlon and paintball. At their facilities they also have a sauna and jacuzzi. The facility is partly accessible for people with disabilities and the activities can be customized accordingly.

Namaste, medicinal yoga

Yoga is good for everyone. Yoga is about cleansing and clearing out things that prohibit us from living our lives to the fullest. Various studies have been done about Medicinal yoga by scientists at Danderyds hospital in Stockholm among others. Namaste offers medicinal yoga for groups and individually, for beginners and for the advnaced. You can participate sitting in your wheelchair.

Restaurang Smakbyn

The restaurant in Kastelholm, Sund, close to the medieval castle in Kastelholm and Jan Karlsgården open-air museum, offers a culinary experience by the famous chef Micke Björklund. The restaurant is built with availability in mind and is easily accessible with wheelchair and rollators. It is recommended to park close to the main entrance.


Leklandet is a big playground inside of Eckeröhallen in Eckerö. They have 17 inflatable attractions, sumo wrestling and other games. Leklandet is good for families where the children can play and the parents can watch. The entrance for adults is free. The attractions are suitable for all ages but not for people with disabilities.

Vianor curlingcenter

In Eckerö is Ålands only curling center in Åland. The entrance floor is accessible for people with disabilities. The center has two lanes that are of international standard.

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